Club News
                                       2019 Benchrest Changes: This year will feature a new “Shooter-of-the-Year” competition.This point based system will give all shooters a ranking towards        winning a few prizes at our end of season finale. There will be a SOY plaque in addition to the        regular match plaques. The only requirement is the shooter be a club member.
                   Club sweatshirts and tee shirts and hats are available to buy.                      Click on picture to enlarge.       All rest will need to have something under the sharp points on the leg screws to protect the concrete bench tops from damage.    
updated 07/01/2023
Benchrest is adding a Heavy Gun Class for Rifles over 17 Pounds.
Class Rules Class Rules Point System
                                       The club has elected a new President and Vice President as of 6/18/2023.  After several years as President of the club,        Mark Nagel has decided to step down as President due to personal reasons.  He contributed greatly to the advancment of our club. Please welcome Jerry Brickheimer as our new President and Jamie Lane as our new Vice President. door collecting Dues before the meeting starts. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns contact: 2023 Membership: Our memberships run from May 1st of the current year to May 1st of the following year. Membership is $20. You may pay the membership dues at any match or go to the Membership page and print out the form. Send the signed form and dues to Ed Stankowski.        We are affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program known as the CMP. Because of this you can buy M1 Garands, ammo,        and  anything the CMP sells. They will need a copy of your club membership card before you order from them. Click on the CMP        button to go to there website for more information.